Welcome to IEEE CIBCB 2017


The IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (IEEE CIBCB 2017) will be organized by the University of Manchester, Manchester, UK and will be held at the INNSIDE Hotel from August 23rd to 25th, 2017.

This annual conference has become a major technical event in the field of Computational Intelligence and its application to problems in biology, bioinformatics, computational biology, chemical informatics, bioengineering and related fields. The conference provides a global forum for academic and industrial scientists from a range of fields including computer science, biology, chemistry, medicine, mathematics, statistics, and engineering, to discuss and present their latest research findings from theory to applications.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:CI in Bioinformatics

  • Evolution, phylogeny, comparative genomics
  • Gene expression array analysis
  • Metabolic pathway analysis
  • MicroRNA analysis
  • Molecular sequence alignment and analysis
  • Pattern recognition/data mining/optimization methods in Bioinformatics
  • Visualization of large biological data sets

CI in Computational Biology

  • Systems and synthetic biology
  • Structure prediction and folding
  • Modelling, simulation, and optimization of biological systems
  • Biological network reconstruction/robustness/evolvability
  • Epigenomics

CI in Biomedical Engineering, Bioprocessing and Healthcare Informatics

  • Medical imaging and pattern recognition
  • Biomedical data modelling/data mining/model parametrization
  • Parallel/high performance computing
  • Big data analysis and tools for biological and medical data (i.e. indium)
  • Biomarker discovery and development
  • Health data acquisition/analysis/mining
  • Healthcare information systems/knowledge representation/reasoning
  • Personalized medicine and treatment optimization
  • Biopharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Closed-loop optimization methods/platforms

Submissions for oral and poster presentation are invited from researchers, practitioners and students worldwide. The conference will be in single session format with papers provided as either oral or as poster presentations. The conference format will include

  • Invited keynote speakers
  • Special sessions
  • Tutorials
  • Poster snapshot session
  • Best poster competition
  • Development seminar from Web Design Brighton

Big thank you to festival wellness partner Phytality for keeping all of our visitors healthy and productive during the conference!